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Legal Statement

This legal statement is made up of the terms and conditions that govern this website,  By using this website you are acknowledging, abiding and agreeing to all the terms and conditions that make up this legal statement.  If you do not agree and accept all these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

This website is accessible for your personal use only, which will be limited to viewing the website and providing information to the website in order to be able to purchase products, as well as for downloading merchandise information for your personal review.


Bikini Sunshine owns this website and Bikini Sunshine is the seller of all products purchased through this website. Bikini Sunshine either owns or has rights to all of the artwork, images, text, characters, icons, graphics, software and all other content pertaining to this website, hereinafter - the "content", and all html, cgi and other code and scripts used on this website to run and operate this website, hereinafter - the "code". All the content and code of this website is protected by copyright. You may not upload, download, transmit, copy, modify, republish, distribute to third parties for commercial reasons, or distribute any content or code from this website without the prior written permission of Bikini Sunshine. You may not use any of the code or content of this website for any reason except for the reasons mentioned in this legal statement.

All trademarks, slogans, logos and the like which are found on this website, are the property of Bikini Sunshine. You may not use any of the above trademarks, slogans, logos and the like, for any reason without the prior written agreement of  Bikini Sunshine. In the event that you do not comply with this legal statement and you violate Bikini Sunshine' trademark, copyright and other industrial and proprietary rights, then this act will constitute breach of contract.

Information Furnished By You:

Please be advised that this portion of this legal statement does not relate to personal information submitted by you to this website, such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and the like. Please refer to Bikini Sunshine' Privacy Policy Statement which contains the terms and conditions set forth by Bikini Sunshine, regarding how Bikini Sunshine handles your personal information. If you furnish Bikini Sunshine with information including but not limited to questions, suggestions, feedback, comments, and the like, then such information will not be construed as confidential. All such information shall become the property of  Bikini Sunshine. Your submission of such information shall be deemed an assignment to Bikini Sunshine of all International and National rights, interests and title in such information.  Bikini Sunshine will thus have the right to reproduce, publish, disclose and use the information, and will not be obligated to keep such information confidential.  Bikini Sunshine will have the right to use any techniques, concepts, or ideas from such information for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing merchandise by using or relying on such information. Bikini Sunshine welcomes your suggestions and comments on its website and on its merchandise. By furnishing Bikini Sunshine with such information you are allowing Bikini Sunshine to publish such information, incorporate such information in Bikini Sunshine products and use such information as part of Bikini Sunshine operations without liability.

Information Regarding Products and Pricing:

Bikini Sunshine has made every effort to display the merchandise and their colors as accurately as possible. However, the displayed colors of the merchandise will display based on the monitor of the user and Bikini Sunshine cannot guarantee that the user's monitor will accurately display the true colors of the merchandise. Merchandise displayed may be out of stock and prices are subject to change. Bikini Sunshine is not liable for typographical errors relating to price, text, or for any other matter. The prices displayed on Bikini Sunshine website are in U.S. Dollars. Purchases are subject to any applicable taxes, import duties, tariffs, customs charges, DDP, VAT, and the like, that are to be paid by the purchaser, and do not include shipping and handling charges.


Bikini Sunshine publishes information on its website as a convenience to its visitors, and while every attempt is made to provide accurate information, there may be typographical errors or inaccuracies. Bikini Sunshine reserves the right to make corrections and changes of any kind to its website at any time without notice. Products sold through this website may not be available for purchase in your region or are appropriate to your region.

Bikini Sunshine operates its business from the United States of America. It may be possible that some software that may be downloaded from this website may be subject to government export control or any other restrictions in your region, jurisdiction or country. By visiting this website you are acknowledging to these restrictions and therefore agreeing that you are not subject to them.

Hyperlinks on this website are provided only for the convenience to the user. Bikini Sunshine makes no warranties or representations whatsoever with regard to the suitability, safety of information, accuracy or availability provided to the user in such non Bikini Sunshine websites.

Users and visitors to this website assume all risk and responsibility with regards to the use of this website. Bikini Sunshine disclaims all endorsements, representations and warranties, express or implied, with respect to any information that is accessed via or from this website, including but not limited to all express and implied warranties, such as merchantability, warranty of title, and non infringement and fitness for a particular purpose. Bikini Sunshine does not warrant that the workings contained in the material of this website will be free of errors, uninterrupted, or for that matter, that errors will be detected or corrected.  Bikini Sunshine does not warrant that this website is free from computer viruses, other harmful components or bugs of any kind. Bikini Sunshine does not assume any liability or responsibility for the reliability, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information that is published or accessed through this website. Bikini Sunshine does not have any responsibility to make changes or updates to the code or content of its website, and Bikini Sunshine shall not be liable for not making changes or updates to such information. Before relying on such information, it is your responsibility to verify any information published within this website.

Under no circumstances shall Bikini Sunshine be held liable for any special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages whatsoever, resulting from whatever cause, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of data, loss of profit, or any other type of damage whatsoever, tangible or intangible in nature, whether in an action under theories of contract, tort or otherwise, arising out of or in any way relating to the use or performance of the information on, or accessed through, Bikini Sunshine' website.

Bikini Sunshine may at any time withdraw access to the website, or to change the products or services published at this website, at any time without prior notice. Bikini Sunshine reserves the right to change the terms and conditions published in this legal statement by revising this legal statement. You will be bound by any changes that are made to this legal statement, and therefore you should read this legal statement frequently, in order to review the current terms and conditions, which pertain to this legal statement.

The invalidity of any condition, provision or  term of this legal statement shall not affect the enforceability of those portions of the legal statement deemed enforceable by applicable courts of law.